Richmond Bicycle Club promotes health and fitness for everyone !

About Us

Welcome to our site. 

Richmond Bicycle Club is an an adult recreational cycling club founded in 1970.

Our members come from all parts of the Lower Mainland and are "young at heart" mature adults who share their love of cycling.  

We organise weekend rides from early spring until late fall. The rides, throughout the lower mainland and Pacific northwest, usually average 50 to 60 kilometers. There are some shorter training rides early in the year and the occasional longer ride in the summer. We also have some mid-week daylight rides during the summer months. Throughout the year we also have the occasional weekend trip, and some longer tours of one or two weeks.

We also promote and encourage our members to participate and join international cycling tours run by other organisations or operators.

Our goal is to promote fellowship and road safety, to develop riding skills and etiquette, and above all to enjoy cycling with others of a like mind. We value enthusiasm from our members, new and old.

Join Us

Whether you are an experienced rider, or just a beginner, we invite you to join us. We welcome new members who want to develop their skills and share new ideas.

You can reach us by clicking on the contact us at the top of this website and completing the attached request form.


For legal reasons, in order to participate in club rides, we require all members to sign a release and waiver of liability. 

, Richmond, British Columbia